First ever wearable for continuous SPO2 monitoring

Why Choose Oxiwear

OxiWear's ear wearable provides continuous oxygen monitoring with live vitals data that can be accessed on a mobile dashboard.


Reliable pulse and oxygen saturation monitoring will inform you of when you are in the optimal range and help you stay there!


OxiWear uses predictive analytics to anticipate and warn users of situations in which oxygen levels are likely to drop.


Users can set safe oxygen thresholds to provide a personalized warning system and sends text alerts to emergency contacts.

Continuous Oxygen & Vitals Monitoring
Low Oxygen Level Alerts
Emergency Text Alerts
Haptic Vibration
Customizable Face Plates
911 Calling
Live Performance Monitoring
Predictive Analytics
Personalized Mobile Dashboard
User Specific Safe Threshold
Vital History

is oxiwear  right for me?

Do want to keep track on how your body works?

Do you have passion for a filter and a safer lifestyle?

If so, then OxiWear is for you, whether you are a professional athelete, someone

who who needs special care, or just casual lifestyler OxiWear will assist you with

Performance, Confidence and Security.

frequently asked questions

Why is OxiWear good for high-intensity athletes?

Maintaining an appropriate blood oxygen level is critical to ensuring workout quality. The lower your blood oxygen level, the more fatigued you will get and the greater your risk of overexertion. OxiWear’s device also tells you what your pulse is. According to the American Heart Association, your heart rate should be 50-70% of your maximum heart rate during moderate exercise and 70-85% of your maximum rate during vigorous exercise. Our wearable will help you stay in the appropriate range.

Why is OxiWear good for high-altitude trainers?

These athletes need to track how well they are compensating for the lower oxygen levels in high-altitude environments. Increases in blood oxygen saturation indicate effective compensation during training. OxiWear’s continuous monitoring will help high-altitude trainers know if they’re on the right track!

Why is OxiWear good for divers?

When divers descend, the ambient pressure increases resulting in the dissolution of gases into the bloodstream. When divers ascend, gas bubbles start to come out of the blood. If more gas comes out than the lungs can blow off, gas bubbles can block arteries and contribute to hypoxia. This phenomenon, known as decompression sickness, has symptoms which can arise up to 48 hours after diving. OxiWear’s device can help divers self-monitor and seek professional medical attention if necessary.

What color is the device included in the bundle?

The Standard device in the bundle comes with a metallic-colored face plate. If you want to change colors, you can purchase an add-on face plates bundle, which includes interchangeable face plates in Pastel Blue, Pastel Lavender, and Rose Gold.